Back With Some Vision

Just a few posts into the realm of blogging and I have demonstrated all the qualities of a terrible blogger! And that was partly due to the work pressures of the last semester and a busy summer in Mumbai which flew past me before I could take cognizance of what was happening around me! But, now I am back with all guns blazing and a well-charted plan to combat any future instances of writer’s block!

I am doing my Masters dissertation in the field of Computer Vision and under the guidance of Prof. R. Balasubramanian. Like some of my batch-mates, I had the option of continuing my research in the area where I worked during my 2 month internship i.e. Natural Language Processing. But, I went ahead with Vision because first, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try a completely new domain, second, the mathematics and Machine Learning that powers the most sophisticated Vision systems today intrigues me and third, my seniors had very strongly recommended Prof. Balasubramanian for any Image Processing/Computer Vision related guidance!

Over the last few months, I have done a fair amount of literature survey for my research work. I am currently working on the problem of emotion classification from facial expressions. What excites me about my work is the varied application domains where this problem may be applied to (robotics, helping people on the Autism spectrum, enhancing H.C.I.) and the fact that Vision offers a well-calibrated blend of theory and practical application.

Speaking of practical application, the last few weeks has also marked the beginning of, well, a lot of things! I started using OpenCV to write some cool Image Processing hacks. Everytime I tinker around with OpenCV and C++, I am amazed by the sheer power and abstraction that the library offers. The elegance with which OpenCV handles the most complex Image Processing tasks leaves you in awe! Over the next few posts, I hope to talk more about OpenCV and Vision, in general.


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